Recommendations for water efficient showerhead pilot

Michelle Templeton Hamilton February 11, 2019 07:49 PM


I am putting together a pilot whereby people will be able to exchange their old shower head for a water efficient/low flow shower head. At present, the shower head we have…

  • Water
    • Low Flow Showerheads

Announcement: We are hosting Change 2019

Victoria Aldred Nathan February 11, 2019 08:34 PM

We were blown away by the impact of our first Change conference in 2018. So, we've decided that Change will be back in 2019!

Change 2019 offers you the choice of workshops and a…

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Sustainable Alternatives for Balloons

Kevin Dyer June 14, 2019 07:11 PM

I'm researching for a sustainability project on finding sustainable alternatives for using balloons during celebrations. As you all know, nylon balloons can be extremely…

  • Waste Reduction
    • Littering

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