Location March 5, 2018

I will be delivering introductory and advanced community-based social marketing training in Melbourne and Brisbane in March of 2018. These workshops will be of particular interest to agencies working to control invasive species, promote energy efficiency, waste reduction, conservation, water efficiency, sustainable food consumption, modal transportation changes and other sustainable actions. Community-based social marketing is a unique approach to fostering both environment and health related behavioural changes and is now being utilized globally. Descriptions of these workshops are provided below. Please note that these are the only workshops that I am providing in Australia in 2018.

Melbourne Introductory and Advanced Workshops (March 19-22): https://register.cbsm.com/workshops/melbourne-2018
Registration for Melbourne closes March 16th.

Brisbane Introductory and Advanced Workshops (March 26-29): https://register.cbsm.com/workshops/brisbane-2018
Registration for Brisbane closes March 23rd.

Please consider forwarding this announcement to colleagues who might benefit from attending.

Best, Doug

Doug McKenzie-Mohr
Environmental Psychologist
McKenzie-Mohr & Associates Inc.

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