Over the past twenty-five years I have discussed the ideas of community-based social marketing with thousands of environmental program planners. These conversations have strongly influenced all three editions of this book. Thank you for your work–it is an inspiration and a comfort.

I would also like to acknowledge the contributions that many authors have made to the ideas expressed in this book. Foremost among these is the work of Gerry Gardner and Paul Stern (see their ground-breaking book, Environmental Problems and Human Behavior), Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee (see their influential book, Social Marketing) and William Smith, who coauthored the second edition with me. I have also been influenced by the writings of Jan Aceti, Alan Andreasen, Eliot Aronson, Shawn Burn, Robert Cialdini, Mark Costanzo, John Darley, Scott Geller, Marti Hope Gonzales, William Kempton, Ed Maibach, Wesley Schultz, Clive Seligman, Deborah Winter, Neil Wolman, and Ray de Young, among others. I would like to personally thank James Dyal and Stuart Oskamp, two mentors, who encouraged my interest in applying psychology to sustainability.

I would particularly like to thank my Canadian colleagues, Dave Dilks, Dan Dolderman, Ken Donnelly, Jay Kassirer, Jenn Lynes and Manuel Reimer, with whom I have spent numerous hours discussing how best to advance the use of community-based social marketing.

Justin Kuntz and Brian Loomis are responsible for the remarkable website that supports and extends this book. Justin Kuntz and Steve Norell, of Creative Soapbox, designed the cover and layout for this new edition, and Sue McKenzie-Mohr and Louise Fraser patiently coaxed me through the finer aspects of the English language. Thanks also to New Society, a terrific publisher, who walks the talk. I encourage you to explore their other offerings.

Finally, my wife, Sue, and my daughters, Jaime and Taryn, have supported not only this book, but a life spent wandering to promote the use of community-based social marketing. I’m fortunate to have the support and love of three such wonderful women.

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