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Working with Facilities Management staff

August, 28 2010 at 02:03 PM  account icon posted by Joette Storm, APR   image 2 comments »

I have found many of the Facilities and Building Engineering staff have many years experience with efficiency techniques and have ideas about how to reduce energy use. I would be interested in how they are being included in the discussions on energy use reduction.

Joette Storm, APR
Sustainability Coordinator
U-Med Green District


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1 Gwen Farnsworthaccount icon View Profile Posted on August, 30 2010 at 01:49 PM

What sorts of discussions do you have in mind, which facility managers may or may not be included in? State and national policy? Code development? Internal organizational planning? Research into energy efficiency?

I have found that facility managers tend to be involved at some level in their internal organizational budgeting and strategic planning for energy -- but perhaps not enough if the budgeting process does not recognize ROI for energy projects. Also, some organizations may put all "sustainability" policy decisions in the Health & Safety office, which tends to be more concerned with compliance than optimizing investments for savings and returns. Moreover, if this effort is led by someone with a "sustainability communications" background, they may not be aware of the wealth of practical knowledge and resources within their own facilities department. It would be unfortunate to overlook that!

Here are some examples of facility and energy manager communities that address energy issues:

Also, many utilities have programs for energy or facility managers, and interface with them on efficiency projects and strategy via utility account managers.

- Gwen

Gwen Farnsworth
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2 Bonnie Meyeraccount icon View Profile Posted on November, 18 2010 at 05:35 PM

When asked many facilities managers and maintenance managers say that they are not included. At our school district they are important members of the team. I recommend that they be involved early and often. When planning buildings, commisioning and operating. We have saved energy for two years without any capital investments mainly by working with HVAC techs and custodians to solve problems.

Bonnie Meyer
Olympia School District
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