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1The Check, Clean, Dry Campaign

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New Zealand is an island nation that lies deep in the South Pacific. It consists of two main islands – the North Island and the South Island – separated by a 29km wide waterway, the Cook Strait.…
  Tools: Communication, Convenience, Norms

2Using Social Norms to Reduce Household Energy Consumption

Schultz P. W., Nolan J. M., Cialdini R. B., Goldstein N. J., Griskevicius Vladas (2007). The Constructive, Destructive, and Reconstructive Power of Social Norms. Psychological Science, 18(5), 429-434.
Background In the two projects described below, information was delivered to households in order to foster norms that support reduced electricity consumption.  These projects made use of two types of…
  Tools: Communication, Norms

3Encouraging Environmentally Friendly Shopping using Prompts, Commitment and…

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Customers at a Zehr's supermarket in Kitchener, Ontario were encouraged to purchase environmentally friendly products. 168 products were identified that either had least-waste packaging, were concentrated and/or were…
  Tools: Commitment, Norms, Prompts
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