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Analysis and Synthesis of Research on Responsible Environmental Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

Hines, J. M., Hungerford, H. R., & Tomera, A. N. (1987). Analysis and synthesis of research on responsible environmental behavior: A meta-analysis. Journal of Environmental Education, 18, 2, 1-8.

Conducted a meta-analysis of environmental behavior research that was undertaken in an attempt to determine which variable or variables are most influential in motivating individuals to take responsible environmental action. A search of the empirically based environmental behavior research conducted over the past decade yielded 315 studies representative of a broad academic base. The characteristics and findings of these studies served as the data for the meta-analysis. As a result of the meta-analysis, the following variables were found to be associated with responsible environmental behavior: knowledge of issues, knowledge of action strategies, locus of control, attitudes, verbal commitment, and an individual's sense of responsibility. A model of predictors of environmental behavior is proposed.

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