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1The Characteristics of Interior Designers Who Practice Environmentally…

Kang, M., & Guerin, D. (2009). The characteristics of interior designers who practice environmentally sustainable interior design. Environment and Behavior, 41(2), 170-184.
This study examined the characteristics of interior designers who apply environmentally sustainable interior design criteria to their projects. A national, Internet-based survey was conducted with a random sample of…
  Tools: Attitudes

2Compliance Motivations: Affirmative and Negative Bases

May, P. (2004). Compliance motivations: Affirmative and negative bases. Law & Society Review, 38(1), 41-65. doi:10.1111/j.0023-9216.2004.03801002.x.
  Tools: Norms

3Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development Building on Brundtland

Goodland, R., Daly, H., & Serafy, S. E. (1991). Environmentally sustainable economic development building on Brundtland. The World Bank Sector Policy and Research Staff.

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