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Washable Diaper Barriers
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March 12, at 10:09 AM   icon   posted by eteri.rustamova@utoronto.ca    comment icon 1 of 2 new comments, 15 total
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Thank you very much for all of your comments! I think I am ready to start writing my paper.

Eteri Rustamova
University of Toronto

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March 13, at 04:17 AM   icon   posted by claireherring.associates@virgin.net    comment icon 2 of 2 new comments, 15 total
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Hi Eteri - if you want a UK view check out "the Nappy Lady" website.
From personal experience, I used washable all the time with my first child, but used disposables some of the time with my second, as I keep running out of washing machine time, am generally more tired and take the easier option more often. Plus didn't help that the UK Environment Agency life cycle analysis came down against, based on energy used washing and drying. Although as with other studies this was based on cotton nappies and didn't take into account fleece and other newer materials now commonly in use.

Claire Herring
Claire Herring Associates
United Kingdom

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Engaging Action: Sustainability Communication Thesis Research Help Needed
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March 12, at 10:40 AM   icon   posted by Spud Marshall    comment icon No Comments
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Dear sustainability enthusiasts,

Engaging action through communications is tough - but crucial! We are a team of three graduate students currently completing a thesis addressing the impact of communications on positive environmental and social behaviour change*. Through an extensive analysis of past case studies and working alongside media experts, our thesis will re-frame key principles of effective communication and sustainability into a strategic planning tool to assist communicators in engaging and creating action.

As many of you are involved with work closely connected to our research, we are writing to invite you to be a part of our study. To do this we would request a half-hour of your time to interview with us for the qualitative portion of our research. We are hoping to conduct interviews during the period 20 March - 1 April. We are looking to talk with individuals with experience in campaign development and communications planning - any experience or connections you have would be quite helpful!

During April we will be developing our research results into a workshop and strategic communication planning tool. We have a number of groups interested in testing this to help their current projects. If you would also like the opportunity to participate in this, please get in touch so that we can arrange a time. We will be traveling through the northern USA and London in late April - mid May. To learn more about our research please visit www.engagingaction.com

Strategic planning and defining sustainability are essential components to ensure communication plays an appropriate role in moving society towards a sustainable future. Many thanks for your consideration and time, we are looking forward to your response.

Warm regards,
Spud, Lora and Rebecca
The Engaging Action Research Team

*Our graduate programme, Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) at Blekinge Institute of Technology (http://www.bth.se/msls), Sweden, focuses on frameworks and methods for sustainable development which we have applied to the communications field through our research.

Spud Marshall
Engaging Action

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DC Area Course on Social Marketing for Sustainability
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March 12, at 11:35 AM   icon   posted by Jennifer Kane    comment icon No Comments
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Hello all,

Please find below information on an environmental communication-focused training opportunity in the DC Area in May. Further information (and a flier) is available here: http://www.mpactcomm.com/2009/02/upcoming-training/



How can we get more people to RECYCLE, CARPOOL, TURN THE LIGHTS OFF, USE LESS WATER, or USE REUSABLE BAGS? Mpact Communication, LLC has designed a course specifically focused on helping those in the environmental communication world communicate more effectively! Social Marketing for Sustainability: Influencing Greener Behaviors through Research-Based Messaging was designed to take the guess-work out of designing messages and bring communication research to practitioners. We will focus on issues central to sustainability and theories known to be effective in this arena.

Date: May 24 & 25, 2010
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Location: University of Maryland, Stamp Student Union
Regular - $375.00
Student Rate - $275.00

***Class size is limited, register early!***

Register Online at: www.mpactcomm.com
Fax Registration to: (703) 942-6854

Dr. Monique Mitchell Turner
Director, Center for Risk Comm. Research
Associate Professor, University of Maryland
President, Mpact Communication

Jennifer Kane, MS, MPP
Science & Environmental Communicator
Environmental Policy Consultant
Lead Organizer, Panamá Más Verde

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